‘Gonzorreah: The £500k Slap’ – Nominated for ‘Scene Journalist Award 2009’


Richard “Dr. Gonzo” Lewis shares his derailed train of thought with the wider world in his regular column feature, Gonzorreah.

01 Jun 2009


It was just another night in what had been dubbed “The Zboard House” as if it was some kind of reality TV show. During the course of the Championship Gaming Series event there’d been more than one party back here, weird mixes of the contenders and the people who just saw the event as a way to get some free money, sat up drinking at all hours. I was covering the event for the CGS website, some of my first salaried work in e-sports and while I was keen to do a good job, I’d spent most of my nights here, sleeping on the pull out sofa bed like a derelict in the midst of a divorce. There was a premise for that also. Somehow I’d ended up manager of Zboard just before what was, on the surface of it, the single biggest thing to happen to UK CS:S. Each morning I’d wake up to find a room full of strange faces and have to stumble across a floor full of empties just to fix up some coffee in the hope that it would sober the guys up in time for our games. Where big John “Gandofini” Johnston was concerned I’d be slipping some whiskey into his morning coffee to take the edge off a crippling hangover. It was, after all, just the way he liked it and it was the least I could do as “the gaffer”. Continue reading “‘Gonzorreah: The £500k Slap’ – Nominated for ‘Scene Journalist Award 2009’”

Video of the Week

Finally hit 350 hour’s and slowly feeling like I’m adjusting to the different recoil on CS:GO but I’m still getting caught off guard a lot by weird positions people are hiding in and the different parts of the map.  Seem to get stuck in a wall on 2nd middle here, which could of really screwed me and also the guy on middle that shot me too 12hp, that position I never really seem to expect them anymore.  This was in an ESEA game and they seemed to play it quite smart (normally people on GO, especially ESEA seem to push you 1 by 1) this never really happened on CSS, as there wasn’t such thing as RWS the last time I played.


X043 Academy trials tonight 20:00

We had an awesome response the the X043 Academy and so trials will be underway as of tonight. Best of luck to those taking part!

If you still need to sign up then post on the forums now!

First trials are complete, big thanks to:


The plan is to short list a potential team, but do not fret if you haven’t made the short list, it is not final!

[UK Masters] CSGO Open Cup 1

Tuesday, May 10th 2016
19:00 PM BST

Multiplay is excited to present the Counter Strike: Global Offensive UK Masters. Teams will duke it out through 4 online open qualifiers with the 1st and 2nd place teams from each qualifier determining who will progress into our 7 week league and double elimination play-off, culminating in the grand final live from Insomnia58.

X043 will be taking part and you can track their progress right here!