‘Gonzorreah: The £500k Slap’ – Nominated for ‘Scene Journalist Award 2009’


Richard “Dr. Gonzo” Lewis shares his derailed train of thought with the wider world in his regular column feature, Gonzorreah.

01 Jun 2009


It was just another night in what had been dubbed “The Zboard House” as if it was some kind of reality TV show. During the course of the Championship Gaming Series event there’d been more than one party back here, weird mixes of the contenders and the people who just saw the event as a way to get some free money, sat up drinking at all hours. I was covering the event for the CGS website, some of my first salaried work in e-sports and while I was keen to do a good job, I’d spent most of my nights here, sleeping on the pull out sofa bed like a derelict in the midst of a divorce. There was a premise for that also. Somehow I’d ended up manager of Zboard just before what was, on the surface of it, the single biggest thing to happen to UK CS:S. Each morning I’d wake up to find a room full of strange faces and have to stumble across a floor full of empties just to fix up some coffee in the hope that it would sober the guys up in time for our games. Where big John “Gandofini” Johnston was concerned I’d be slipping some whiskey into his morning coffee to take the edge off a crippling hangover. It was, after all, just the way he liked it and it was the least I could do as “the gaffer”. Continue reading “‘Gonzorreah: The £500k Slap’ – Nominated for ‘Scene Journalist Award 2009’”

First post and some Nostalgia.

From the Archives of the internet…

After days of hardcore gaming X043 have come out in their rightful position on top, and they did it in style!

Having already beaten team -Reaction- on CBBLE during the group stages, we were amused to have to play them again in the first round of the double elimination on CBBLE! Having beaten them with a terrorist start on CBBLE the day before, they tried going terrorist first even after some inner-team dispute, but it was to no avail. Our tactics shone through and with a few fantastic 4 mans in the tunnels from MonkH, and a generally high performance from everyone, we won the first half 14-1 making the terrorist side much more relaxed. Continue reading “First post and some Nostalgia.”