X043 Logic first ladder match

X043 Logic is playing it’s first ladder match on GameFace tonight.


GameFace is a shared ladder and so anyone available in X043 can play (Not including first team who have their own roster and are currently 3rd on GameFace). Individual cups and Leagues will have seperate rosters.


Final score ES.Xile 167 X043 Logic

X043 first team

Today X043 are pleased to announce the X043 first team. With big shoes to fill we hope that the team can develop to add some new achievements in the CSGO version of the game.

Included in the team is one of our own ex-Zboard players, David “jaFro” Davidson. Another well known name to any hardcore CS’ers will be Tim “stannly” Harrison, former CSA and Auxilia player. Ex-Crack Clan and Veritas player Josh “admire” Sharp also joins the ranks. Along with Danny “DaSy” Sykes and Ryan “yano” Nash.

jaFro had the following to say:

We are pleased to join X043 with such an experienced manager as ben0 who we hope can point us in the right direction for CS:GO.  Most of us are relatively new to CS:GO and have had a long break from competitive CS so we are hoping to build our own individual  skill aswell as progressing as a team.

All of us here at X043 wish the team the best of luck and hope they do us proud.

They are currently active on Gameface and ESL.


David “jaFro” Davidson
Danny “DaSy” Sykes
Josh “admire” Sharp
Ryan “yano” Nash
Tim “stannly” Harrison

Welcome new members!

X043 would like to welcome to the team some new faces and some old! For now all the players will be joining X043 Rebellion.

The new:
Chan “BudgetNudist” Woo Lim
Nic “Enaver” Hawkins
Jack “Hawkex” Hawkins
Matthew “Dinny” Dinsdale

The old:
Jonathan “Tingate” Tingate
Tom “HardByte” Owens

These ‘old school’ players were a part of X043 Fusion way back when X043 started in Counter Strike: Condition Zero.

The X043 first team identity is still firmly under-wraps at the moment.

X043 are recruiting

If you are interested please register on the forums and let yourself be known. We plan to enter leagues and have multiple teams just like the old days with X043 the 1st team, X043 Rebellion, X043 Fusion and X043 Community teams.

If you are unaware X043 has a rich history and in the coming future I will be posting old stories and news posts to get you up to speed.

Get involved.

First post and some Nostalgia.

From the Archives of the internet…

After days of hardcore gaming X043 have come out in their rightful position on top, and they did it in style!

Having already beaten team -Reaction- on CBBLE during the group stages, we were amused to have to play them again in the first round of the double elimination on CBBLE! Having beaten them with a terrorist start on CBBLE the day before, they tried going terrorist first even after some inner-team dispute, but it was to no avail. Our tactics shone through and with a few fantastic 4 mans in the tunnels from MonkH, and a generally high performance from everyone, we won the first half 14-1 making the terrorist side much more relaxed. Continue reading “First post and some Nostalgia.”