First post and some Nostalgia.

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After days of hardcore gaming X043 have come out in their rightful position on top, and they did it in style!

Having already beaten team -Reaction- on CBBLE during the group stages, we were amused to have to play them again in the first round of the double elimination on CBBLE! Having beaten them with a terrorist start on CBBLE the day before, they tried going terrorist first even after some inner-team dispute, but it was to no avail. Our tactics shone through and with a few fantastic 4 mans in the tunnels from MonkH, and a generally high performance from everyone, we won the first half 14-1 making the terrorist side much more relaxed.

Having beaten -Reaction-, our next challenging game was against team Xcite on Prodigy. Upon joining we noticed that they had 5 ping while we all pinged at 10-20. We asked them for their rates, but they refused to say so we planned a special operations mission to their computers to check them personally. 15000 45 55 on LAN, when everyone else was using max. We confronted them but they claimed it made no difference. We talked with admins before the game but they said there was nothing in the rules and we would have to ask them and hope they are willing. Unfortunately they weren’t, and we found it impossible to believe that they had no idea they would gain a significant advantage from this exploitation. We refused to stoop to their level and kept our rates high, only to regret it when a few clutch rounds that were lost were down to reg and nothing else. We spoke to admins after the game, and instead of us getting any retribution, Xcite had the cheek to bring camera phones of us viewing the overview – supposedly abusing a bug that was removed over a month ago! Eventually we gave up our argument, helpless against the tournament admins decision that they cannot add rules, only to be confronted with -Reaction- again, who enforced a whole new bunch of settings on us, supposedly due to the overview and rates problem – as if it was our fault! We were glad to accept their terms since they would be enforced in the final versus Xcite giving us a better chance at a fair game.

We thrashed -Reaction- on train despite starting on the harder terrorist team, and quickly won the match 16-4. We were keen to get this tournament over as soon as possible as it had been stressful enough, and we had the winning momentum.

Playing Xcite with forced rates proved our argument entirely! On dust2 we started as CTs and we out-played and out-gunned them completely giving us a 10-5 lead as we started the easier team. We quickly snapped up the remaining six rounds for the victory.

After a break, some discussion and a coin toss, it was decided the final would be played on the unorthodox match map, Aztec. Losing yet ANOTHER knife round, we had to start as the much harder terrorist team. Our pistol tactic didn’t go completely smooth but we got the win, and we won the next 5 rounds in suit giving us an amazing 6-0 head start. I got over-excited and started mumbling tactics and in the confusion we started to break down, losing a few rounds. Towards the end we picked up and ended the half, 8-7 as we began the incredibly easy CT half. Xcite caught us off guard with their bridge rush thanks to Danykebab’s AMAZING enthusiasm in his call making us think they were just spotting when really they had taken the site. Having lost the pistol we had to eco, giving them two more rounds, but after we got guns, they provided no real threat. Final score 16-10 X043 wins! We all wanted to go get smashed but it was 3am on Easter Monday – nothing open!

We would like to thank all teams and Multiplay for the enjoyable competition. We were a little disappointed that a squad as skilled as Xcite would be so unsporting but we had a thoroughly enjoyable final.

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